Serial Jeyran part 7

serial jeyran part 7

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The story of the serial Jeyran Part 7

Salman, realizing Siavash, ambushes him to arrest him. On the other hand, the king is waiting for the neighbors to wear red robes, but the neighbors are still evading, so Jeyran part 7 starts with this story.

Serial Jeiran part 7 has a new style and in the summary of serial Jeyran story, it is stated that: Hear shortly from the series of Jeeran Zanhar, whose style and way are lost. And the permissible and the mixed truth are the share of the nightmares. And where is the share of the Sultan of the Peacock Throne, Karim Khan’s plan to take back the royal crown. What do we not know? Where is the rare sword to avenge us saboteurs? The country is in turmoil. And Amir Kabir is sleeping in the grave. He wants a castle to be his refuge. There is no stronger fortress for human beings than love. Let them shout everywhere: 0 people! Yesterday, near Tajrish, your king fell in love with You can have a good time watching new movies and series. Join iranproud.

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